JOIN Bev’s Open House …  A “JUST” Normal

Please join us as our Iyai+ Community-Builders step up to … “STOMP” the Yard for a youth-inspired  JUST” NORMAL!

I am deeply honored to pass the mic.

See the full conversation at:

Our NORTH STAR – A “JUST” Normal 

Where do WE go from here? 

Let’s seize this moment in time and have the courage to lead with urgency and moral conviction.  

To take serious stock of ourselves personally, our own circles, communities, and respective comfort zones.

And, where WE stand as a nation.   

And, set our “NORTH STAR” to achieve a “JUST” Normal!

A nation that is “equity-centered” in which all groups have the genuine opportunity to prosper and reach their full potential.

WHY?  First and foremost, because it is MORALLY RIGHT!  

At Iyai+, WE believe that the voices and learned experiences of our YOUTH MUST have a leading role in shaping this next chapter – “youth-inspired “ 21st century infrastructure.  OUR Future and their right to have a meaningful voice and seat in this critical decision-making.

TODAY – TOGETHER, let’s take the important step to finally complete the unfinished business of achieving ONE nation.

And, truly rebuild better and stronger together!

Beverly A. Scott, Ph.D.


Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure, Inc. (“Iyai+”)