introducing youth to American infrastructure 

Investing in a 21st Century Workforce to Plan, Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain “equity-centered” and “sustainable  best-in-class Infrastructure Systems, Networks, Facilities and Services for ALL People and Communities.

At iyai+, we believe this work starts with lifting up the importance of "people-readiness", diversity, and inclusion at all levels.

Equitable and Inclusive Communities | Sustainable and Resilient | Smart | Safe | Secure

our mission

"Turn todays youth into tomorrows American infrastructure leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and skilled workforce. "

whats happening at iyai

The Innovation Challenge


Help build greater youth awareness of transportation/mobility careers and the critical role they play in building and shaping communities.


Our “PEOPLE” are Our Greatest Resource

In the critical national recovery work ahead – “Let us resource our much-needed “people-readiness” and workforce development investments; and take ACTION like we really mean it!”

Make this a national recovery that ensures ALL rebound and rebuild -- better, and stronger for the 21st century and beyond.  HOW?  By intentionally using this massive reinvestment opportunity to unlock the full potential of all Americans. Provide “GOOD” jobs, business opportunities, essential facilities, and services to all.

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The work

iyai+'s unique cross-sectorial approach is by design

Todays profoundly changing, and increasingly interdependent world requires rethinking the career-readiness” education, skills, experiences, and exposures necessary for competitiveness and sustainability in the 21st century.

Working collaboratively, we expose YOUTH to a broad range of infrastructure careers and help them to see the impact(s) on people, community, and society -- community-building. There are 16 critical national infrastructure sectors. Our programming starts with the lifeline” sectors – transportation, water, energy, communications… critical manufacturing

Our perspective that is equity-centered” and results-focused. And, our WORK is anchored by core values – equity and inclusion; resilience and sustainability; smart, safe and secure infrastructure outcomes and benefits for all of our nations people and communities.

We also hold a deep commitment to the value and importance of meaningful civic engagement, including YOUTH VOICE and PARTICIPATION in community decision-making – which we lift up as lifetime work and success” skills.

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Our Iyai+ Community at Work

Our programming, youth support and engagement would simply not be possible without our multi-sectoral network of diverse, deeply committed individual and institutional Supporters.

These include Industry Sector Coordinators, speakers, and presenters from the C-Suite (policy-level, executive and senior leadership), Mid-Level and Emerging Leaders, to highly experienced, subject matter experts on the Shop Floor (professionals at every level) – representing the public and private sectors, organized labor, and non-profit, advocacy/community-based organizations.

We value our relationships with our partners and sponsors, and are committed to working together to achieve our shared vision of a better future for all.

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