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 Updated November 15, 2023  


Iyai+” Community Builder Internship (Independent Contractor status), Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure, Inc.; 501 (c)(3);   The organization’s mission is to motivate young people to choose infrastructure careers and become tomorrow’s infrastructure leaders, skilled workforce, innovators, and entrepreneurs -- with specific emphasis on increasing the participation of historically under-represented groups.  Internship applicants must be 18 years of age or older; successful candidates must be eligible to work in the United States.

Report to:

Iyai CEO (and/or designee); iyai+’s office is in Mobile, Alabama (CST time zone).


February 2024 – October 2024, 5-10 hours weekly; maximum 40 hours month (unless mutually agreed upon in writing in advance).  The period (duration) of an internship may vary based upon an intern’s availability and project(s).


$17.50 - $30.00 USD/hour (varies based on related education/training, experience, project(s), and location).


iyai+ national office interaction with selected interns is a virtual (remote) work environment.  Projects and assignments that are “locally based” in communities proximate to an intern are anticipated to include both “in-presence” and “remote/virtual work”.  The location(s) for work to be performed and primary responsibilities to be performed during the internship will be defined with each intern, and mutually agreed upon.  For general planning purposes, up to 70% of an intern’s overall internship period can be allocated to support work with a local organization.   Current programming spans 4 time zones (including the U.S. and Canada) – reasonable flexibility, availability, and commitment to support this work environment (including both remote and in-presence work for some participants) will be a consideration in selection; strong preference for a 2023 iyai+ Program young adult participant “or” an Alabama resident/student; learned and lived knowledge, skill, and experience (paid and unpaid) will be a consideration in selection.

Submission Deadline

January 10, 2024 (midnight CST), using the On-line Application below. Alternatively, applications may be e-mailed to:  [email protected] – include in the e-mail subject line: “iyai+” Community Builder Internship”.

  • COVER LETTER:  Include the name and contact information for two (2) REFERENCES; the name/contact for local organization(s) you have identified to support as a part of your internship experience; RESUME (maximum 3pages) – address specific areas included in the Qualifications and Experience section belowEDUCATION (copy of most recent Transcript/Certificate(s)), a link to relevant Sample Work Products, including writing samples, social media. The applicant’s RESUME should address the specific information included in the QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE section below.
  • STATEMENT OF INTEREST (maximum 5 pages):  
    Share your reason(s) for interest in the Internship and your objectives during the internship period from two perspectives:  what you want to personally share and accomplish; and 1-2 specific areas where you believe the iyai+ internship experience could be most helpful in supporting your professional and personal development goals.  In terms of professional and professional development, the purpose of this internship is to support meaningful community engagement, development, local capacity-building, and outcomes in historically under-served communities.  As such, we encourage Applicants to identify specific local-organization(s) in historically underserved community(ies) and/or comprised of historically under-represented populations that you plan to work with during this internship period to support local capacity-building and improvement of sustainable mobility/infrastructure-related outcomes.  Include a brief description of the reasons for your interest and selection – the purpose and need, work to be performed, location(s) (geographic area to be served), deliverable(s), and a responsible point-of-contact at the local organization(s).  If short-listed, a Letter of Support from the identified local organization(s) will be required prior to the Interview.  The Local Organization will have responsibility for supporting the intern’s work and providing documentation to iyai+ re:  overall performance and time.  [NOTE:  iyai+ internships are “paid”, but do not include separate travel/lodging cost expense or reimbursement.] 
  • At the iyai+ national level, there are three (3) specific areas of emphasis for this year’s internship -- described below.  In your Statement of Interest, indicate if you have a preference – and “why”.  A minimum of 30% internship time will be to provide support to the national office in support of one (1) or more of these areas.  
  • Enhance and Expand the Innovation Challenge Experience.  Including research re:  better, best practices, lessons learned; replicability -- input/feedback from 2023/24 Local Host Organizers and Program participants and others with experience in this area.   Assessment – including resources and relevant examples re:  K-12 expansion.  Follow-up on the status of 2023 Innovation Challenge Projects – including support for the 2024 “Legacy Award” (2023 Organizer/Participants demonstrating the greatest progress).
  • Engaging Program Participants to Stay Connected.  Supporting development of a “youth-centered” network of “community-builders” (infrastructure-focused).  Including a scan of existing organizations in the U.S., Canada, globally with similar goals – best and better, lessons learned; alignment/partnership opportunities.  
  • Support 2024 Program Implementation:  Career Awareness Programming, the Innovation Challenge, and Critical Conversations Support.
  • PROVIDE YOUR TIME AVAILABILITY/FLEXIBILITY (i.e., days of the week, time of day) for February – October 2024; as well as the minimum and maximum hours per week up to 10 hours that you are available.  Depending upon the total submission, Iyai+ may consider internship periods for less than an 8-month period, but not less than 4 months.
Iyai+ intends to shortlist candidates based on initial submissions.  References will only be contacted for shortlisted applicants.  For applicant planning purposes, Interviews are planned for the period January 24-February 7, 2024.

About the Internship Opportunity

The active internship program period is February – October 2024.  Iyai+ is looking for a dynamic individual(s) who is a well-organized, self-starter; highly motivated by our mission with a commitment to equity, environmental justice, and sustainability – comfortable working in a remote, virtual/hybrid environment (potentially including some “in-presence” work activity) – and responding effectively to the needs of varied and diverse internal team and external stakeholders.  External stakeholders are comprised of public agencies, corporate partners, community-based, civic, educational, and nonprofit/philanthropic organizations, and organized labor.  Prior experience working with youth/young adult programming re:  career preparation and job-readiness – with emphasis on historically under-represented people and communities a plus.

Refer to the Iyai website – for background information on the organization and specific information re: its sustainable mobility/infrastructure careers awareness and innovation challenge programming.

Qualifications and Necessary Experience:

The successful candidate(s) must have the ability to work and manage time effectively in a fast-paced, remote/virtual and hybrid environment with a high degree of autonomy, organization, self-direction, and self-motivation.  Strong written and verbal communications skills are a necessity (in addition to English, please specifically reference other language proficiency –spoken and writing).   It is important for the applicant’s RESUME (see above) to highlight: prior volunteer/extracurricular activities relevant to this opportunity, workforce training experience, youth programs – including “Opportunity Youth” and “2nd Chance” programs, meeting/event planning experience, knowledge and experience level(s) with social media platforms and online channels; experience providing general project management/administrative/technical support assistance, i.e., project tracking and reporting, initiation of scheduling/calendar e-vites; drafting weekly Program highlights -- including routine website updates; demonstrated technical proficiency with Microsoft office applications (i.e., WORD, Excel, Power Point preparation) and videoconferencing software - ZOOM platform familiarity a necessity.

Information for Prospective Sponsors

We received inquiries from prospective Sponsors regarding the potential to sponsor internships that would afford interns an opportunity to support iyai+’s work; and spend at least part-time “in-presence” at the Sponsor’s office and/or “on assignment” – virtually and/or “in presence” – to support work with a historically under-served community.  The answer to both questions is potentially “YES” – if the internship experience is consistent with the iyai+ mission and Program.  Prospective sponsors are encouraged to contact the national office:  [email protected]  to discuss their interest in possible partnering arrangements.

Submit your information

Submission Deadline: January 10, 2024 (midnight CST)


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