Sustainable Mobility Careers Awareness

"Virtual Youth"






The Call for 2024 Local Organizers is October 23 – January 10, 2024. Program participants are 18-25 years of age. A local public transportation agency must be the designated Local Organizer; or, an active participant in the proposed Local Organizing team. 

Once submitted, if there are no questions by either party, iyai will immediately follow-up with a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – a sample is provided. The “virtual” Onboarding Sessions (“live” and “recorded”) for Local Organizers/Participants will occur in late January – February 2024. The active Program period is February – August 2024.

Innovation Challenge - Local Host Application

* 2. Contact Information.


* 3. A Brief Description of the Geographic Area Covered by the Local Organizer.

* 4. Composition and Diversity of the Local Organizer Participant(s). 

Identify the “Lead” entitiy(ies), including if there are multiple entities sharing responsibility for overall program implementation. Include the actively engaged local area transport/mobility organizations and industry professional associations that are a part of the team – public, private sector, organized labor; other critical infrastructure sectors, such as energy, technology, critical manufacturing, public health that will be actively engaged; education/workforce readiness providers; small, disadvantaged and women-owned businesses, philanthropic, community-based, environmental, and youth/family organizations. (We appreciate in this early stage, not all local partners and participating organizations will be identified.)

* 5. Reason(s) for the Interest in Participation.

  What Program Elements and Outcomes are most important to you? 

* 6. Estimated # of Total Youth Participants for your Local Area.

a. Include an estimated # of Innovation Challenge Teams assuming a 4-7 member team size).

b. Briefly describe your planned Youth Identification and Selection Method(s) – with emphasis on how your approach will include outreach to historically under-represented groups, i.e., young women and youth of color.

* 7. Program Evaluation.

From your perspective, what is most important to you in assessing the benefit(s) and overall effectiveness of this Program?

* 8. Name and Contact Information for the Authorized Representative’s Primary Point-of-Contact for coordination with Iyai’s Program Manager.