Covid 19

A Message from Our Founder and Board of Directors.


FIRST, HEARTFELT THANKS to ALL ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES  across our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors – who are working on the frontlines of COVID.  Making a difference — protecting our communities, ensuring continuity of essential services; and helping to make all of our lives safer!

First responders, transport, water and wastewater, energy, communications, medical and healthcare workers, food and restaurant workers, financial services – operations, maintenance, logistics and repair professionals —  to name a few. 

We are tremendously grateful for your dedication, personal and public service; and, for the sacrifices that you and your families are making while you do your best to ensure that we have essential care, supplies, and service.

And, doing it all – longer hours, a safety net of last resort for many of our most vulnerable – while risking greater exposure.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU.  We will do all that we can during COVID-19 to personally minimize the risk of further spreading the virus – and encourage safe practices.  And, stay abreast of the best precautionary information from reliable sources.

  • Stay inside, except for absolutely necessary trips.
  • When outside, use social distancing, staying at least six-feet from others.
  • Wash hands often.

OUR COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER.   Care about each other, our families; helping our most vulnerable.  

Be a part of making “OUR” BELOVED COMMUNITYa reality.